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Zero UI is about making human-machine interaction frictionless and interfacing with our surroundings in intuitive, human ways such as voice, face recognition or behavioral biometrics. Invisible devices and minimal interfaces dissolve into the environment, but react to a user's presence proactively.


Accelerated, hands-free check in to dramatically lower waiting times

Airport Capacity Crisis

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) projects that the demand for air travel will nearly double by 2036 and reach 7.8 billion passengers per year. Airports have limited scope to expand, so they are looking at ways to speed up passenger processing.

Walk-Paced Identification

In an industry-first attempt to enhance customer experience using biometrics, Futurice worked with national airline carrier Finnair and Finavia, Helsinki Airport’s operating body, to build and test a face recognition system for a completely hands-free check-in. Futurice developed a mobile ID and walk-paced face recognition identification concept in order to accelerate the ID verification process. The system was used for a 3-week pilot project at Helsinki Airport. Finnair handpicked a group of Platinum customers who owned Android phones. To avoid disrupting operations in the airport - a high risk environment - the experiment was confined to a single Finnair check-in desk. The team used feature-based face recognition technology, which turns facial images into untraceable biometric IDs. This allowed the system to identify the Finnair customers taking part in the pilot as they walked towards the check-in desk but without having to store their images. By testing the new system with real passengers, the team proved that the face recognition system has the potential to rejuvenate the entire departure experience. We gathered real insight into how to use this type of solution for other environments with large customer flows and stringent security.


Finnair customers involved in the project gave extremely positive feedback on the usability of the service and the value it provided to them. The strong value proposition and the fact that the measures to protect their privacy were communicated clearly to them eased their concerns regarding privacy. Encouraged by the positive results, Finnair and Finavia are now scoping the next step.


Privacy by design

Privacy by design

We believe that biometrics services such as face recognition should be services that consumers opt-in to voluntarily for the value and ease they offer. Protecting consumers' privacy and data is our top priority. Our values around privacy include: Consumers participating in biometrics services - whether pilot or fully launched - must provide informed consent. We guarantee complete transparency in how we use consumer data – which will not be used outside the biometrics project in question. We support and adhere to a consumers' right to be forgotten. We guarantee secure storage and handling of consumer data.

  • Customer-centric


    At Futurice we create delightful experiences using technology. Our approach with biometrics is no different – we prioritise the customer experience, ensuring it’s specifically designed to optimise and enhance their interaction with the technology.

  • Easy enrolment

    Easy enrolment

    As part of our customer-centric approach, our solutions make use of personal smartphones, tablets and laptops for signing up to biometric services and logging biometric data. This approach reduces costs and helps to make the experience of biometrics familiar and friction free.

  • Best-in-class algorithm

    Best-in-class algorithm

    In the fast developing biometrics tech landscape, it’s important not to commit to a single algorithm when it could quickly become superseded by a more sophisticated alternative. Our Biometrics Gateway means we constantly scout the best algorithms and upgrade to them seamlessly, in order to maintain the best quality service.

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  • Biometrics simple

    Biometrics simple

    Do you have a novel application for biometrics?

    This package enables a light validation of an idea, helping to build buy-in within your company.

    Together with you we will choose the

    • Single platform (e.g. Android)
    • Target audience (50-200 people)
    • Single customer journey touchpoint
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  • Biometrics pilot

    Biometrics pilot

    Do you have a validated application and want to test how your customer group responds to it?

    This solution aims to validate the business case using hard metrics. We assess the value of the solution and potential traction.

    In this package, we will cover

    • Multiple Platforms (e.g. Android and IOS)
    • Target audience >1000
    • Multiple touchpoints
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  • Biometrics max

    Biometrics max

    Feeling confident about the business case and ready to unlock seamless experiences for your customers?

    This solution is the implementation of a new biometrics-powered product or service, available to users across all platforms and touchpoints.

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